Water sensor

The Floodline Point Sensor is a compact sensor for vertical or horizontal mounting. Water touching its stainless steel probes activates the alarm. Used with the stainless steel Floodline Guard Plate to give heavy duty physical protection and assist fixing and adjustment.

The Point Sensor is used where Detection Cable could be damaged or where some damp, minor wetting or spillage is expected or of little concern. The sensor can be connected in any number and/or combination with other Floodline sensors.

  • Applications
    Plant rooms
    Solid floor area
  • Detection
    Activates when any conductive liquid makes contact across the probes
    Multiple re–use
    Instant return to use after water is cleared up
  • Construction
    High density plastic body, stainless steel/nickel plated brass probes
    Heavy duty, stainless steel Guard Plate
    Encapsulation option for immersion proofing
  • Dimensions
    Sensor: H71mm x W44mm x D25mm
    Guard Plate: H110mm x W105mm x D30mm
  • System
    Connected in any number and/or combination with other Floodline sensors