Sensor cable

The unique “Multi–Zone” construction of the M8 sensor cable allows up to eight separately reporting detection zones to be provided from one length of cable.

The zone changeover points along the cable are provided by either traditional Floodline 8–zone junction boxes or the Plug And Play system. The zones can be any length but the usual length is between 5 and 15 metres.

The sensor can be wetted and dried any number of times provided the cable is not contaminated with a substance that permanently changes its electrical characteristics. If the contamination is soluble then the cable can be removed, washed (clean water only), dried and returned to use subject to the level of contamination.

  • Applications
    – Below raised floors
    – Above suspended ceilings
    – Run in drip trays
    – Laid around the base of plant, apparatus or tank
    – Laid in loops or wave pattern for general monitoring of larger areas
    – Attached to pipework within lagging
  • Detection
    – Activates with any conductive liquid anywhere along the entire length of the detection cable.
    – Once dry can be returned to use
  • Construction
    A tough, all polymeric, low smoke and fume, zero halogen construction
  • Dimensions
    5mm Diameter
  • Fixing
    For fixing to floor or other surface, use standard 6mm tower clips, self–adhesive clips or tie–wraps.
    Detection cable is laid loosely with special Caution Tags attached at regular intervals to identify zone.