One V

Floodline Leak One V is a self–contained single zone leak detection module specially designed for incorporation into other control / alarm systems, air conditioning units, BMS etc. The module can be used with all Floodline sensors.

Leak One V is dedicated to be used within small leak detection systems. It is provided with two volt–free outputs, which can signal independently both leak and system fault (damage of sensor, device plate or lack of power).

  • Module is provided with:
    – control of leak sensitivity,
    – switching between manual and automatic operating mode,
    – history of five recent actions,
    – test of output relays,
    – possible connection of remote device Reset.
  • Function
    Water / liquid detection
  • Zone capacity
    Few sensors in one zone
  • Power
    Multi–Voltage 12 or 24 V, AC or DC, 0,5 W
  • Construction
  • Dimensions
    Length 90,20 mm x width 36,30 mm x depth 57,50 mm
  • Fixing
    Din–rail mounted
  • Monitoring
    LEAK – continuous water / liquid
    SYSTEM FAULT – sensor or leader cable damage, failure or disconnection
  • Numeric display:
    – operating mode: AUTO or MANUAL,
    – information about leak – flashing text: LEAK,
    – information about system fault – flashing text: FAULT
  • Alarm indicators
    Flashing LEDs for LEAK or SYSTEM FAULT. All alarms displayed separately and continuously until corrected and reset.
  • Outputs:
    – LEAK – signaling leak detection,
    SPCO 2A relay, 30VDC or 250VAC,
    – FAULT – signaling system fault,
    SPCO 2A relay, 30VDC or 250VAC.