Floodline 24x is a modern, fully individualized series of control panels with innovative features. It is primarily characterized by ease of use, updated algorithms and an original design.

The system is intuitive – it’s parameters can be set via USB. Unlike other series, it is possible to individually set the sensitivity threshold for each zone separately, current view of the measurements, any configuration of relay outputs, adding and removing users, restoring factory settings and many others.

All information regarding service and alarms are displayed on an industrial control panel.

  • Function
    Detection of water, liquids and any environmental factors. The system can be configured to connect both Floodline and other sensors, such as digital, temperature, humidity, gas, wireless sensors and Ranger cables.
  • Line capacity
    4, 8, 12, 16
  • Power
    230VAC, 50Hz mains operated, 12VDC internal and battery backup.
  • Construction
    Blue–white ABS housing with digital print.
  • Dimensions
    H232 x W322 x D121 [mm].
  • Fixing
    Wall or surface mounted through four dedicated holes on the built–in distances.
  • Monitoring of zones
    LEAK – continuous water and liquid detection – each zone reports separately.
    SYSTEM FAULT – sensor or leader cable damage, failure or disconnection.
  • Alarm indicators
    All information are displayed on control panel in case of any alarm. Additionally two flashing LED’s ALARM and POWER that are displaying separately until corrected and reset.
  • Controls
    Buttons for navigating the menu arrows (enter and esc) and an additional reset button.
  • Outputs
    Control panel is equipped with four configurable main relays and six configurable individual relays (NO / NC) on each input card. They can be programmed in any way depending on demand.