Sensor cable

The unique “Multi–Zone” construction of the 8 Zone high sensitivity cable allows up to eight separately reporting detection zones to be provided from one length of cable and builds on the success of our original Multi–8 cable. This is more suited than our regular Multi– 8 cable when attached to the underside of pipework or soffits.

The zone changeover points along the cable are provided by either traditional Floodline 8 zone junction boxes or the Plug And Play system. The zones can be any length but the usual length is between 5 and 15metres.

The sensor can be wetted and dried any number of times provided the cable is not `contaminated with a substance that permanently changes its electrical characteristics If the contamination is soluble then the cable can be removed, washed (clean water only), dried and returned to use subject to the level of contamination.

Built to meet and exceed these Standards: CPR (Construction Products Regulation) Testing.

  • Applications
    Attach to the underside of the pipes (inside or outside the lagging).
    Laid in drip–trays and catchment troughs. Fix to soffits and ceilings to detect water ingress.
  • Detection
    Activates with any conductive liquid anywhere along the entire length of the detection cable. Once dry can be returned to use.
  • Dimensions
    5mm Diameter
  • Construction
    9 core – HSLSF core insulation, polyester fabric wrap, nylon outer braid.
  • Fixing
    For fixing to floor or other surface, use standard 6mm tower clips, selfadhesive clips or tape.
    Fix to underside of pipe with tiewraps or tape inside/outside of lagging.

Detection cable is laid with special Caution Tags attached at regular intervals to identify zone.