Sensor cable

Dedicated to the hybrid leak detection system, the M–line sensor cable detects the presence of water along its entire length. Connected to of the LG24/X control panel identifies a leak on the indicated meter. Wire can be used any number of times (after flooding it is enough dry), is made of a polymeric material with constant properties electric. In the event of damage, the M–line cable can easily be replaced, cleaned and re–installed.

  • Applications
    – to protect long pipelines and long straight sections,
    – in underfloor spaces, loop or wave for general monitoring of larger areas.
  • Detection
    – Detects water along its entire length.
    – Identifies a leak on the indicated meter
  • Dimensions
    Diameter about 6mm.
  • Operating temperature range
    –20°C to 60°C
  • Construction
    Durable, made of polymers, resistant to smoke and fumes
  • Fixing
    Standard “P” clips or self–adhesive clips should be used when attaching to the floor or other surface. This wire lays loosely, marking it with special markers glued in the regular ones intervals, indicating the cable type and line numer.