Sensor cable

Ms- line cable detect the presence of water at any point along their length. Installed with a Ms-line Leak Detection Panel, the cable senses the presence of water, triggers an alarm and pinpoints the exact

This high sensitivity cable is more suited than our regular M-line cable when attached to the underside of pipework or soffits.

  • Applications
    Attach to underside of pipes outside the lagging.
    Above suspended ceilings.
    Run in drip trays.
    Fix to soffits and ceilings to detect water ingress.
  • Detection
    Activates with any conductive liquid anywhere along the entire length of the detection cable and pinpoints the leak to +/- 1m. Once dry can be returned to use.
  • Dimensions
    Diameter about 6mm.
  • Construction
    A tough 4 core, all polymeric, low smoke and fume, zero halogen construction with a polyester fabric wrap and protective outer braid.
  • Fixing
    For fixing to floor or other surfaces, use standard 6mm tower clips or self-adhesive clips. Fix to underside of pipes using tie wraps outside the lagging Detection cable is laid loosely with special caution. Tags attached at regular intervals to identify distance.
  • Distributed Sensing
    Ms-line cables provide distributed leak detection and location over a wide range of areas. The cable is available in a variety of lengths to provide as much coverage as needed.
  • Design Flexibility
    Ms-line cable can be supplied with factory installed metal connectors that plug together. The cable is designed for a range of applications – including data centre floor voids, telecommunication rooms, HVAC equipment locations, pipes, electrical rooms, storage areas, tanks and roofs. The cable is small, lightweight and flexible, allowing for easy installation.